Lothar Goetz

Lothar Götz (b.1963, Gunzburg, Germany) is known for his large-scale wall paintings and immersive architectural displays, characterised by the use of vividly coloured abstract geometrical forms, shapes and lines.

Made possible by the support of Art Happens with Art Fund campaign Götz has produced one his most ambitious commissions to date for the original Victorian staircase of Leeds Art Gallery. Götz’s stunning wall painting Xanadu links the ground and first floor galleries, leading visitors up to the new light-filled renovated galleries above.

"Staircases provide the veins of a building, immersing the visitor spatially in a different way to that of the traditional gallery space. I am interested in how an artwork can be experienced by one’s whole body, the image changing constantly as one moves up or down the stairs. I want to turn the staircase of Leeds Art Gallery into a colourful contemporary artwork, juxtaposed with its Victorian architecture.” —Lothar Götz

Photograph of the work of art: Xanadu

Lothar Götz (b.1963, Gunzburg, Germany)

Thank you to everyone who supported Art Happens with Art Fund to create this special commission with Lothar Götz.